Simon Kenton Council, Boy Scouts of America Serving Central and Southern Ohio, and Northern Kentucky
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Popcorn Sale

Chocolate Lovers

Simon Kenton's Scouts help the council to be one of the top popcorn selling councils in the nation, selling more than $2.7 million in popcorn each year. Our Scouts sell popcorn to help fund their Scouting program via door to door, storefront, and take order sales from family, friends and neighbors. The annual popcorn sale is the one major opportunity Simon Kenton Council Scouts have to raise money for camp, activities, uniforms, equipment and special trips  

Council - Top 10 Selling Units for 2014
#DistrictUnit Type
Unit #
2014 Sales
1Darby Creek Pack3634$31,236.00
2Buckeye Pack3128$29,752.00
3Delaware Pack3843$24,583.00
4Delaware Pack3466$24,066.00
5Buckeye Pack3481$23,729.00
6Licking Pack4026$23,424.00
7Buckeye Pack3148$23,419.00
8Darby Creek Pack3090$23,255.00
9Delaware Pack3428$23,081.00
10Buckeye Pack3011$22,392.00

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Chocolate Lovers

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