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Finance Team

Charles Beverly Finance Chair
Betty Howton Finance Committee Member


Friends of Scouting

23,000 Scouts Need A Friend

Considering our impact, it's easy to understand why this friend request is so important. It takes $150 to support one Scout for a year... We need 100% participation. What would this do for the Scouting mission? It would mean that we could provide better camping faqcilities, more training and activities, increased Scout scholarships, and many more benefits directly impacting the lives of Scouts.

Friends of Scouting is the annual giving campaign of the Simon Kenton Council, BSA. Your support of Friends of Scouting helps us to ensure a quality program for the 23,000 youth we serve. 

A gift to our Friends of Scouting campaign helps us provide accident and general liability insurance to our Scouts and leaders, recruitment and training materials, maintenance of our four camp properties and three Service Centers, and the delivery of quality programs at the Council and District levels.

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District Friends of Scouting Campaign
    District Goals
  • Family: $0- Goal is $0
  • Community: $0- Goal is $0
  • District Leadership: $0- Goal is $0

District Leadership Campaign: This is where we ask the volunteer leadership of the district to help support the district through their direct contributions. Many of our leaders give in several different campaigns.

Community Campaign:This campaign includes community leaders and individuals, as well as businesses who support the work or Scouting. They help by giving sometimes through direct contributions and sometimes through sponsorship of special events.

Family Campaign:This is where we ask the families of our current scouts and unit level volunteers to help support the district through their direct contributions. A team of volunteers actually visit each unit and conduct a presentation sharing the story of Scouting and to explain how they can help support the district and council.

Family Friends of Scouting Results
Unit TypeUnit NumberUnit Participation %
Pack3079Waiting on Presentation
Pack3215Waiting on Presentation
Pack3219Waiting on Presentation
Pack3389Waiting on Presentation
Pack3394Waiting on Presentation
Pack3420Waiting on Presentation
Pack3459Waiting on Presentation
Pack3487Waiting on Presentation
Pack3496Waiting on Presentation
Pack3524Waiting on Presentation
Pack3535Waiting on Presentation
Pack3541Waiting on Presentation
Pack3551Waiting on Presentation
Pack3579Waiting on Presentation
Pack3626Waiting on Presentation
Pack3633Waiting on Presentation
Pack3651Waiting on Presentation
Pack3661Waiting on Presentation
Pack3683Waiting on Presentation
Pack3714Waiting on Presentation
Troop79Waiting on Presentation
Troop479Waiting on Presentation
Troop508Waiting on Presentation
Troop563Waiting on Presentation
Troop568Waiting on Presentation
Troop930Waiting on Presentation
Special Community Events
New Activities are being added all the time.
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Popcorn Sale

Chocolate Lovers

Simon Kenton's Scouts help the council to be one of the top popcorn selling councils in the nation, selling more than $2.7 million in popcorn each year. Our Scouts sell popcorn to help fund their Scouting program via door to door, storefront, and take order sales from family, friends and neighbors. The annual popcorn sale is the one major opportunity Simon Kenton Council Scouts have to raise money for camp, activities, uniforms, equipment and special trips  

Capital City - Top 10 Selling Units for 2014
#Unit Type
Unit #
2014 Sales

Commit your unit to the
2015 Popcorn Sale

Report Progress

Chocolate Lovers

For additional information, please contact Marshall Long,