Simon Kenton Council, Boy Scouts of America Serving Central and Southern Ohio, and Northern Kentucky
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District Contacts

Key Contacts
 Selwyn DiasDistrict Chairman
 Steve SikoraDelaware District Excutive614-310-1543
 Bob BeasleyDistrict Commissioner

Unit Service
 Mark HazelriggVenturing ADC

Roundtable Commisioners
 Dave PelphreyRoundtable Commissioner
 Steve SimsBoy Scout Roundtable Commissioner
 Justin CoxCub Scout Roundtable Commissioner

Finance Team
 Jo DiasFamily Friends of Scouting Chair
 Steve SimsSilver Paddle Chair
 Connie EverhartDistrict Leadership Friends of Scouting Chair
 Christy NorzPopcorn Kernel

Program Team
 Brian DeffenbaughCamp Promotion and Outdoor Chair
 Tom RossVice Chair of Program
 Tom EdwardsAdvancement Chair
 Robin WhiteTraining Chair
 Rick WynkoopState Fair/Scouting for Food Chair

Membership Team
Rock JonesCouncil Board Member/Nominating Committee Chairman

Camping Team
 Lori RossActivities Chair
 Robin WhiteDay Camp Director

Unit Commissioners
 Michael BaileyUnit Commissioner740 747-2742
 Gregory BowlingUnit Commissioner740 363-0614
 David BrockUnit Commissioner614 310-5143
 Marilyn ClarkUnit Commissioner740 363-2801
Michelle DethlefsenUnit Commissioner614 783-4769
 Thomas EdwardsUnit Commissioner740 369-2810
 Warren EdwardsUnit Commissioner614 272-2880
 Connie EverhartUnit Commissioner614 889-7675
Karen ForgraveUnit Commissioner614 436-3355
 Richard HayesUnit Commissioner740 363-4875
 Mark HazelriggUnit Commissioner740 972-3722
Sally HopperUnit Commissioner740 965-1024
James HowellUnit Commissioner740 363-6543
 Nancy LimingUnit Commissioner740 803-1650
 John LindeboomUnit Commissioner740 368-4695
 David PelphreyUnit Commissioner740 548-4811
 Gregory PutmanUnit Commissioner614 861-5169
Gary ReeseUnit Commissioner614 364-9848
 William SimpsonUnit Commissioner740 362-4626
 Steven SimsUnit Commissioner740 548-5712
 Rick WynkoopUnit Commissioner740 369-6453