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Commissioner's Corner
It is my great pleasure to serve as your new SKC Council Commissioner, the seventh since the founding of the Council in 1994.

To those of you who volunteer as Commissioners... to act as friends and mentors to the 700+ units of the Simon Kenton Council... thank you!

2013 is shaping up to be a key year for our commissioner service. Some of our focuses include:

* Growing our team by continuously recruiting new commissioners.

* Marketing the commissioner concept, and helping leaders and families understand our role.

* Broadening and improving our Roundtable offerings.

* Strengthening the Venturing program.

* Continuously improving the rechartering process.

Please plan to mark Saturday, August 24th on your calendar for the 2013 Simon Kenton Council Commissioner Conference. It'll be a great one!

Yours In Scouting,
Steve DeNunzio
SKC Council Commissioner

Commissioner Team

The Simon Kenton Council Commissioning Team
Simon Kenton Council's commissioning team is a group of council and district volunteer leaders whose duty is to help Scout units succeed.

They coach and consult with adult leaders of Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, and Venturing crews to help maintain the standards of the Boy Scouts of America.

Commissioners also oversee the unit charter renewal process so that each unit reregisters on time with an optimum number of youth and adult members.

Council Commissioner Staff


Council Commissioner Steve Denunzio
Assistant Council Commissioner for Rechartering Bruce Anschutz
Assistant Council Commissioner for Venturing Jeff Lockhart
Assistant Council Commissioner, Special Projects Kerry Cheesman
Assistant Council Commissioner for Roundtables Barb Karweik
Assistant Council Commissioner for Training and Education Ron Lime
Assistant Council Commissioner, Southern Region Vacant
Assistant Council Commissioner for LDS David Sullenberger

District Commissioner Staff


Arrowhead District Darby Creek District
Buckeye District Delaware District
Capital City District Licking District
Chief Logan District Ohio Valley District
Chief Tarhe District Tecumseh District
  Tri-Creek District


Resources for Commissioners

Unit Commissioner Fast Start – This online fast start training is an orientation designed for all commissioners to learn about the job responsibilities of a unit commissioner. It should be taken by all commissioners within the first few weeks of agreeing to be a commissioner.

Commissioner Volunteer Duties Cards – These sheets of eight wallet-size cards remind commissioners of their responsibilities in the Boy Scouts of America. Included are duties for council commissioner, district commissioner, assistant district commissioner, roundtable commissioner and unit commissioner.

Roundtable Support – Resources and best practices on how to support quality roundtables for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Varsity Scout leaders as well as the program forum for Venturing leaders.

The Commissioner Newsletter – The Commissioner is a publication for commissioners and professionals.

Additional resources including Commissioner Manuals, Podcasts, Presentations, Philmont Training Center Courses and more can be found on the Commissioners page of the Boy Scouts of America website.



Unit Visit Tracking System
The Unit Visit Tracking System (UVTS) is an online tool for commissioners to record and review information about their contact with the units they serve.
Unit Visit Tracking System Login
Unit Visit Tracking System Instructions
Unit Visit Tracking System Overview Video


Recognition Awards for Commissioners
Commissioner Key/Arrowhead Honor Award - Unit Commissioner
Commissioner Key/Arrowhead Honor Award - District & Assistant District Commissioner
Arrowhead Honor/Commissioner Key - Roundtable/Huddle Commissioner
Scouter's Training Award – Roundtable/Huddle Staff
Distinguished Commissioner Service Award
Doctorate of Commissioner Science Knot Award
SKC Commissioner Crest of Service Award Overview
SKC Commissioner Crest of Service Award – Unit Commissioner
SKC Commissioner Crest of Service Award – Assistant District Commissioner
SKC Commissioner Crest of Service Award – District Commissioner
SKC Commissioner Crest of Service Award – Special Assistant District Commissioner
SKC Commissioner Crest of Service Award – Roundtable Commissioner

Popular Forms for Commissioners
2011 Journey to Excellence Quality Unit Award Form
Unit Commissioner Worksheet (Pack)
Unit Commissioner Worksheet (Troop)
Unit Commissioner Worksheet (Crew)
Unit Self-Assessment